We are a 5th generation in business company serving the midsouth for years. We service septic tanks, all type of water treatment plants, grease traps, sumps, etc. Our trucks have sewer equipment for unstopping lines if need be. Hydro-jet machine for major line blockages. We have cameras for line inspections,and for locating. See our maintenance page for questions about your system.

What is coming out of your house?

Your septic system is designed to handle human waste and toilet paper, plus water from plumbing fixtures such as toilets, baths, and sinks. Household cleaners, detergents and bleach will not damage your system if used in moderation. If you are putting anything else down the drain, your septic system function may be impaired. Never pour oil, cooking grease, paint, or insecticides into your plumbing system. These items can inhibit the bacteria which are so critical to the proper functioning of your system or plug the pores of your system.

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Proudly serving all of North Mississippi for 5 generations.

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